Mental Health First Aid Courses

Mental health Courses For Businesses And Individuals

At Great Minds At Work, we have a range of different mental health first aid courses for all requirements. Whether you need a refresher course for your team, or you’re an individual who wants to be able to better deal with mental health issues at work, we can help. All our courses are fully approved and accredited MHFA England courses. Plus, we can even provide our courses online, in-light of current restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Why have a workplace mental health first aider?

Mental health issues in the workplace can result in employees taking time off, resulting in lost money and resources. Our courses provide employees and managers with the knowledge they need to support mental health issues amongst their peers.

In the same way a medical first aider has the knowledge to provide first response support in light of an accident, mental health first aiders play the role of providing advice and support to colleagues suffering from mental health illnesses.

When an employee experiences a mental health issue, they can contact the mental health first aider for support, knowing they have all the necessary training and understanding to help them approach the issues without the use of stigma.

Our Mental Health First Aid Training Courses

We offer a wide variety of first aid courses from awareness through to refresher depending on the level of the attendee. They range from half a day through to 2 full days and costs start from just £125 per person.

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