Who Are Great Minds At Work?

Great Minds At Work are a training company delivering Mental Health First Aid Training to individuals and businesses. We are fully trained and accredited MHFA Trainers who deliver the Mental Health First Aid England training courses. 

What are Mental Health First Aid Courses? 

Mental Health First Aid Courses or MHFA teaches people to identify, understand and help someone who may be experiencing a mental health crisis or issue. At Great Minds At Work, we offer four MHFA courses:

Accredited MHFA England Training Courses

MHFA England is the national licensed organisation for MHFA training.

When becoming a Mental Health First Aider, it is important to gain knowledge and advice from experienced trainers.

That’s why, at Great Minds At Work, our instructors approved by MHFA England.

Why your workplace needs MHFA

Adult mental health issues in the workplace are continuing to grow. In fact, one in six workers are experiencing mental health issues such as depression, anxiety or stress. Which is why MHFA Courses are so vital. Mental Health First Aid Training Courses offer employees an in-depth understanding of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

MHFA Courses provide delegates and organisations with the key information, confidence and practical skills to spot the early signs of mental health issues. Our MHFA Courses also enhance interpersonal skills that help Mental Health First Aiders offer their support in the workplace.

Mental ill-health costs UK employers between £42 – £45 billion each year. But having a qualified in-house Mental Health First Aider can aid early intervention, improving the mental wellbeing of your staff and reducing these losses. Equally, positive mental health in the workplace can improve workplace productivity.

How Great Minds At Work can help support mental health at work

Great Minds At Work delivers a range of accredited MHFA training courses.

The aim of our MHFA courses is to empower your workforce with practical skills and self-help resources to look after their wellbeing and that of others. MHFA courses also help to develop a positive mental health culture in the workplace.

Our MHFA courses allow learners to gain a stronger understanding of mental health issues. MHFA training also teaches the interpersonal skills required to offer a person who may be experiencing a mental health crisis with comprehensive support.

MHFA skills can help reduce mental health issues within your organisation and create a mentally healthy workplace culture.

Our MHFA courses help delegates to recognise the signs of mental health issues, as well as the risk factors that can affect it. We also provide comprehensive resources to support and enhance each learner’s awareness.

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