Mental health training can be an invaluable asset to your company. It can improve employee morale and productivity while minimising employee turnover and reducing business costs.

But exactly how much does business mental health training cost? What’s the return on investment for mental health training? Can your business afford workplace mental health training?

Our guide answers all your questions and more.

The Cost of Mental Health Issues at Work

When it comes to assessing the cost of business mental health training, the first thing we need to look at is the effects of mental ill-health in business.

Research by the Mental Health Foundation shows us that 1 in 6.8 people experience mental health issues at work, with 12.7% of all sickness days in the UK being attributed to mental health conditions.

In fact, better mental health support in the workplace can save businesses up to £8 billion a year in reduced presenteeism and absenteeism. So, the first step to deciding if you can afford business mental health training is really to decide if you can afford not to.

Assess the true cost of mental health absenteeism and presenteeism in your business with our HMRC Tool Guide.

Mental Health First Aid Training: ROI

This report by Deloitte tells us that by investing £1 in better support for employees’ mental health, we can generate £5 in business returns. That’s a five times return on investment.

Investing in the mental health of your employees is one of the best things you can do to support your employees in and out of the office, improve company productivity, reduce absenteeism and enhance performance. It’s a sustainable cycle of success.

How Much Does Mental Health First Aid Training Cost?

The cost of mental health training within your business will depend on your specific business needs. You can expect to pay less for Half Day Mental Health Aware courses in comparison to a Two-Day Mental Health First Aid course, but which you need will depend on the needs of your workforce.

The course cost per employee ranges from around £125 to £300, depending on what level of training you require. For some, a full Two-Day Mental Health First Aid certificate may be necessary, but for others, a Half-Day Mental Health Awareness course will suffice. The choice is yours, but the investment is always worthwhile.

If you need more information on the specific costs of business mental health training courses, you can check out our full list of course costs here.

What Should You Receive For Your Investment?

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid training is one of the most common courses in UK business mental health training. It provides employees with the confidence, knowledge and skills to identify risk factors for mental ill-health and take appropriate action.

The MHFA course equips managers with the necessary techniques not only to support their employees’ wellbeing but also to encourage an open dialogue about any mental health issues within the company. This can help to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and enable employees to feel comfortable reaching out for help if they need it.

MHFA training is a two-day training course that is delivered by Accredited Mental Health First Aid Trainers (AMHFTs). It covers:

    • Risk factors for mental ill-health

    • Signs of stress and anxiety you might see in the workplace

    • Mental health and physical health – the connection between them

    • The impact of stress on both individuals and groups

    • How to help someone who is experiencing mental ill-health

The Two-Day MHFA course provides employees with a comprehensive understanding of mental health, which enables them to be proactive when it comes to mental health issues in the workplace.

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Mental Health Aware

An accredited Mental Health Aware Course is a cost-effective, half-day course. It does not offer the same depth of knowledge as the Two-Day Mental Health First Aid Course but it is a great entry point for becoming aware of mental health.

The Mental Health Aware course includes:

    • Introduction to Mental Health

    • The Mind-Body Connection

    • Understanding Mental Illness

    • Symptoms of Common Mental Illness

This half-day course provides employees with information on raising awareness of mental health issues, enhancing their understanding of mental health and breaking down stigma.

The Mental Health Aware course provides a foundation of knowledge for employees so they may recognise the signs and symptoms of common mental illness in themselves or others.

Mental Health Champions

Alternatively, Mental Health Champions training can be beneficial to managers within a business as it helps to create a workplace that encourages and enables open conversation about mental health and offers intervention techniques.

Managers who undertake the Mental Health Champions course will be given the skills to ensure employees feel comfortable bringing any issues forward and will become better equipped to handle any issues that may arise. 

This Mental Health Champions course covers:

    • Signs of mental health issues 

    • How to approach staff who may be experiencing difficulties

    • Ways to encourage employees to talk about their own experiences with mental ill-health.

It also provides guidance on when, where and how to involve HR if an issue arises. The training is well-rounded, providing managers with the knowledge and confidence they need to support their staff, while also empowering employees themselves to reach out for help.

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Looking For Accredited Mental Health First Aid Training?

If you’re looking for business mental health training for your employees, but don’t know where to start, we can help. We offer a range of Accredited Mental Health First Aid Courses, so there’s sure to be one to suit your needs.

Our mission is to provide quality workplace mental health training that is engaging and informative. We provide an interactive learning experience so employees can learn about managing mental health, while promoting a positive environment for their colleagues and business.

Additionally, upon completion of our MHFA courses everyone receives:

    • An MHFA manual to keep and refer to whenever they need it

    • An MHFA course certificate

    • A copy of the Line Managers’ Resource, an invaluable source of advice on how to support an employee who may be experiencing mental ill-health.

For more information on any of our accredited MHFA courses, contact us today!